GLOW Academy Learning Centre

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Our Services 

 We offer the following curricula:


Junior level

Up to the age of 13 the curriculum for each child is customised and composed of best of breed elements sourced

from across the world. In addition to core subjects computer literacy is addressed from Grade 1, and computer-based training is introduced in Grade 4 to start preparing students for the online approach followed at the senior level.


Middle level

From the ages of 13 to 16, the curriculum prepares students for the broader perspectives and problem-solving skills that will be required at senior level. Core subjects are continued and computer skills are extended to include programming and simple robotics.


Senior level

Students subscribe to an online learning platform to support their studies towards the US-based general education diploma that is recognised by SAQA and international educational institutions as the equivalent of a Grade 12 school-leaving certificate. A tutor is available to provide on-demand guidance through challenges.



Contact details:

083 299 2579